Robert Atkins on “Effective Communication in Software Engineering”

Join us for our next monthly event @ AppsterdamSF.

  • When: Wed 17, 2012 at 7:00PM.
  • Where: StackMob HQ in San Francisco.

We feel honored to have Robert Atkins as our speaker for this month’s talk. Robert will talk about how communication plays a key role on the success of almost any software engineering project. This talk promises to be practical and thoughtful and I’m sure we’ll have a good discussion of the topic.

Rob’s Bio:

“Robert emigrated to Appsterdam to recover from a decade of enterprise Java development. In that supportive community he is happy to report replacement therapy with iOS and Objective-C is proving successful. That said, there are a few hard-won lessons from those dark days he hopes a maturing iOS dev community might find useful. He blogs about software development, Burning Man-related Arduino projects and horrible telephone company service at and will be soon heard again on the “Welcome to Appsterdam” podcast (”

Here is an abstract of his talk:

“The root cause of every failure in software engineering is a failure in communication. Types of communication failures across various modes of communication are catalogued, it is argued that these are the software engineer’s problems to fix and some practical ways to fix these problems are described.”

We hope you can join us:

Please RSVP at our meet up page.

Your friends @AppsterdamSF.



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